Our favorite episode


Today everybody, we will be talking about our favorite episode of the Game of Thrones TV show. Let’s dive right into it!  Our favorite episode of the show was the end of the third season when the main girl got thrown into the fire and turned into the dragon. We found it crazy that a human could turn into a dragon. No one ever knew that that could happen.  After all, we thought that woman was a joke because she got taken advantage of when she married that barbarian husband of hers.

It was so exciting to see what was happening with the barbarian. After they got married, the two forces unwind and became allies. The barbarians and the  elizabethan type of people came together and united as one to fight off the rest of the other enemies.

We really love this show because of all the dialogue that it has. It goes so in depth into the story that it is crazy. There is no other show that anyone has ever created that has such a diverse  storyline as the Game of Thrones. Now let’s go into talking a little bit about dragons.

Dragons are considered the apex predator, so they are a creature that you do not want to mess with. Legend tells that in real life, at one point dragons actually existed. We are not totally sure if this is false information, but it is very cool anyway. If dragons actually  existed, how are humans able to fight them off? Did they have some special fireproof shield that was able to block the flames that they shot? There are so many questions that will go on answered forever, because there has been no documentation of how somebody font off a dragon, just a bunch of crazy stories.  Perhaps these nights had a shield that was interlaced with volcanic rock fibers and impenetrable steel. It would be cool if we could create materials like that today, but everything has a maximum heating point before it melts. We  suspected that if anybody had fought a dragon, that the flames would be too hot for the metal shield and would have eventually melted it. We don’t see anyway how are human could beat a dragon that has skin harder than diamond. At least that’s how it is stated in the last hobbit movie.  In that movie they even dumped molten gold on the Dragon and it did not die. We find that quite crazy, but maybe it was possible to fight off dragons because of them having one weak spot in their armor.

There are so many cool facts and mysteries about dragons that we will never find out, but we can continue to dream to figure out what they actually were. Maybe the stories come from some crazy people who are high off the poppy seed plants and they thought a Komodo dragon was breathing fire and flying or something like that. Regardless,  Komodo dragons are very scary creatures. If one of them by to you, it has been him to turn all of the inside of your body into liquid so they can drink it all up. These are creatures that can swallow fully grown huntsman spiders without chewing them. now that is something that is really nasty.

A good place you can find Komodo dragons is at the Seattle zoo in Seattle Washington. They look very scary and if you get too close to them they will hit sent you. These are wild dragons though, if you get a domesticated more they can actually be very friendly.

Well, that is everything we have to share with you guys today so remember to come back daily to view more entertaining articles soon.