Television versus reality

We talked yesterday about our favorite post for Game of Thrones and today we will be talking about  The TV show versus reality what you can actually expect in real life.

Obviously the TV show Game of Thrones is a very fictionalized show but there are some parts to it that are pretty realistic. We are going to compare the unrealistic offense to what they would actually be in real life.

We will start with the Dragon. Obviously in real life dragons do not exist that just doesn’t make any sense. We think that if you are going to believe there’s a dragon you might as well be high on drugs because the only dragons that exist are Komodo dragons.  Obviously in the TV show though they have mystical powers so they can do whatever they want. We really wish that a lot of the events that were in the TV show we could actually re-create in real life but sadly we can’t. Well, we can actually re-create certain events with machines and things like that but it’ll be a robot Dragon not The real thing. It would still be pretty awesome  though.

The one thing that really gets us about the TV show is how it stays summer for like 20 years and then winter for 20 years. That is just something that is not realistic at all and doesn’t make any sense. We wish you could be summer here year-round because that would be awesome. We are thinking that they got the idea of having a 20 year summer because of inspiration from some of the countries that are nearby and  some of the states that are sunny around. States like Arizona, Texas, California, and Las Vegas Nevada are always sunny about 350 days a year but still they have rainy days. In Game of Thrones they didn’t have a single rainy day during the summer, which is very fishy because wouldn’t everything go into a drought then?  Our guess is that it would but nothing really did so we are kind of confused about that part.  The only situation something like that would make sense would be if you had the ground watering itself somehow. Like if an underground reservoir was keeping the world growing and not drying up.  Is a lot you can try and make sense out of the show but just won’t match up but hey that’s why it is a mythical show because the producers can come up with whatever the heck they want to create. Power to them for that we commend the creator of that show for creating such an awesome entertainment to watch at night.

If you haven’t got a chance to go check out the TV show yet you should really go to and check out a couple of the episodes.