Welcome to the game of thrones blog

Welcome to our new blog.This is the website that is dedicated to the TV show called Game of Thrones. You can think of this as a tribute blog as we will be doing posts on controversial episodes, opinions on different characters and you are you what are you leave , as well as recaps of all the seasons. If you are a person who watches the show every now and then and you would like to catch up on some of the information that you messed then you can certainly use us as a guide to help you find out what happened. With our season recaps we will do a brief summary is a shin of all the major events that happened in the previous season. With us you will be able to catch up easily without having to go back and watch all the episodes. You can do that of course but we recommend that you come to our page instead.

here is a video of the TV show. Go ahead and watch it and get a feel for what the show is all about to see if it is something you would be interested in watching.

A little bit about us: we created this blog because we are a group of Game of Thrones and doozies who want to make an opinion site where people can go and listen two reviews of the show to see if this is a good match for them to watch. This is a great TV show but it is not for everybody. You can use the information that we have on our website to determine if you will like it or not. We will be your information central on ¬†what’s going on with Game of Thrones. We will stay completely updated with all the seasons with this TV show so that you will never miss a waking moments of what is going on.

that is what our site is about in the nut shell, so if you like to this article and you want to hear more, check back daily for new articles being posted soon! If you would like to know little bit more about our website as well you can visit the about thrones section of the site