Why we watch the show


We are added again with another awesome post for you guys and today we will be talking to you about why we watch this show.

There are many reasons why you should watch Game of Thrones,  too many to count on two hands. There is the plot line, the characters, the acting, the message that it brings across.  So many different things that make the show awesome. You could say that we watch it because of all of those reasons and some but overall we love this television series because of the quality. What we mean by this is that everything about the show was high quality.  The acting is amazing, it brings a crossed some very powerful messages, it can teach you a few life lessons, it gives you a fantasy escape as well.  For all of these different reasons we love watching Game of Thrones.

To get more of a good sense of why we watch Game of Thrones, we will explain a couple of the reasons in detail below.

The acting-the acting in this TV show is definitely top notch, they have some of the best actors in television playing the roles on Game of Thrones.  This show has not been nominated for Academy Awards for nothing. It has those credentials because the acting is truly professional and has much detail in it. The feelings that come across when the lines are being read feel like the genuine. It is like your  watching a headline Hollywood movie every single week. It is very nice, because a lot of TV shows these days have subpar acting and it makes you not want to watch them. With this show, the acting is so good that it just draws you in even more and makes you want to watch nonstop.

The story line- this show has one of the best  plot lines and stories we have ever heard. The story really goes in depth and covers all the key points. It is a very good job of explaining what is going on in very great detail. It is very good when a show  brings its message across very clearly.

That is our short little post for you today and make sure to stay tuned!